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Pipe fabrication, stuctural, tertiary steel, pipe racks, miscellaneous sub assembles: ladders, platforms, & handrails for offshore drilling & production rigs.

Metering skids, provers, dam flood gate assemblies, large screen for flood gates.


Flux core, hard wire, dual shield, stick, heilarc

Welding materials-carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, monel, incolloy, and chrome.



Building foundations, suspended slabs, carton form slab, slab on grade, drilled shafts, and equipment foundations.

Pipe rack foundations, slurry piles

Paving, road construction, underground utilities

Mass excavations over 40,000 CY and down to 25Ft. deep

​Sheet piling, steel and concrete piling, dike work, shoring, well pointing, docks & piers.


Fabrication, field erection. Over 800 tons up to 200 FT.

Retrofit new structures to old structures

Field welds stiffeners & gussets to reinforce existing steel


Fabricate & erect pipe.

Set vessels, fin fans, ko drums, heat exchangers, pump, compressors, turbines, thermal oxidizers, vapor recovery units.

Truck loading facilities

Loading arms for ships and barges


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